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Rotating Drum Filter

Rotating Drum Filter

The rotating drum filter executes fine microscreening and is installed upstream of small and medium-sized purification plants.


The flow of the suspension for filtering meets the surface of the rotary filter perpendicular to the direction of the hole between the bars. While the filtered liquid passes through the holes of the screen and is discharged into a tank under the cylinder, the solids are trapped on the surface of the same screen and are drawn by rolling friction to a spillway blade that diverts them to a special container.
The bars of the cylinder are wedge-shaped, permitting the uninterrupted flow of hydraulic pressure and minimizing the risk of solids sticking and causing obstruction.
Overload protection is guaranteed by electronic current limiters.


– FEED CHAMBER with incorporated overflow, designed to allow sewage to cover the entire width of the screening cylinder;
– FILTERING CYLINDER consisting of a particular V-shaped profile wound in a spiral around a structure of longitudinal bars;
– SPILLWAY BLADE made of wear-resistant material that exerts constant pressure on the cylinder with an adjustable counterweight system;
– WORM GEARED MOTOR and helical gears;
– SPAN between 0.25 and 3 mm;


AISI 304 stainless steel