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Hydraulic Screen

Hydraulic Screen

Series GO. The Hydraulic screen can be installed in medium and large-sized purification plants for civil and/or industrial waste water.


The main piston lowers the trolley down to the bottom of its stroke and a second piston moves the cleaning comb, inserting it in the screen. The main piston then moves the trolley upwards, conveying the screened material to the top of the screen where the comb cleaning blade intersects with the movement of the trolley and cleans the comb in preparation for a new screening cycle. This operation is timed and the screen can also be operated manually at the control panel.


– STRUCTURE made of press-formed steel sheeting and profiles;
– FILTER SCREEN consisting of appropriately sized bars plasma cut at high definition;
– POWERED by a double-acting oil hydraulic piston, with one or more extensions, made of special steel and connected at the end to the sliding trolley;
– CLEANING of the screen by a single-component steel comb of appropriate profile fitted on the sliding trolley and powered by a secondary piston;
– SPAN between 15 and 100 mm.


DEDICATED MECHANISM made of stainless steel and resistant to extreme conditions.