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Self-Cleaning Belt Screen

Self-Cleaning Belt Screen

Series GNA. The self-cleaning continuous strand screen with pegs permits fine screening for small and medium-sized purification plants.


Solids retained,are raised by special hook. At the top of the structure, the grid is downloaded into a special container or on aconveyor belt, the pack grilling with the pickets, they undergo a washwith rotating brush and water jet pressure and return in cycles without any solid particles. The overload protection is provided bysensors or Torque limiters electronic absorption.


– FRAME made of press-formed stainless steel;
– SCREEN UNIT consisting of a set of pegs with hooks made of acetal resin or ABS that lift the screened material;
– FILTER PACK CLEANING SYSTEM consisting of a fixed scraper and rotating brush powered by a geared motor, and a jet of pressurized water;
– SPECIAL TYPE of chain transmission with rollers with hollow shafts. The rollers move on fixed supports that guarantee minimum friction and, being hollow, can contain stainless steel bars that form the supporting structure of the screening belt;
– GEARED MOTOR that powers a pair of toothed wheels and their chains;
– SPAN between 6 and 40 mm.


In AISI 304 stainless steel.
BELT made of acetal resin or ABS