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Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor


The screened material is put on the moving belt which turns slowly and conveys the material to the unloading point. The belt then moves back to the start.
The conveyor belt can be installed horizontally (TC) or at an angle (TCI).


The materials and type of the belt conveyor vary according to the nature and unloading requirements of the solids to be conveyed.


– SUPPORTING FRAME with a profile suited to the belt and drop sides to retain the substances conveyed;
– CLOSED LOOP CLOTH BELT with a coating resistant to wear and chemical and atmospheric agents;
– SET of supporting and belt guiding rollers;
– DRIVE ROLL powered by a worm geared motor;
– WORM GEARED MOTOR directly connected to the drive roll.


– SUPPORTING FRAME made of coated carbon steel profiles and sheeting;
– BELT with PVC covering and vulcanized joints, also at the sides, to prevent the belt from contracting;
– DRIVE and feeding rollers in carbon steel.