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Step Screen

Step Screen

GGM series. Operates a fine screening , self-cleaning blades fixed and moving blades, virtually free from operational blocks.


One set of sheets is connected to the fixed frame. A mechanical transmission system consisting of cams and chains moves and turns the second set of sheets, lifting the screened material one step at a time up to the top of the screen where it falls into a hopper. The machine is powered by a worm geared motor.
Overload protection is guaranteed by electronic current limiters


– STRUCTURE made of press-formed steel sheeting and profiles;
– FILTER SCREEN consisting of two sets of sheets assembled in such a way that the plates in the first set, connected to the frame, are adjacent in alternation to the sheets of the second set, forming a series of filtering steps;
– TRANSMISSION SYSTEM with cams and chains;
– SPAN between 2 and 6 mm.


– STRUCTURE of the screen consisting of AISI 304 stainless steel sheeting and profiles;
– LOUVERS and CHAINS made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
– Connecting and supporting SHAFTS made of AISI 420.
– DEDICATED MECHANISM made of stainless steel and resistant to extreme conditions.