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Screw Compactor

Screw Compactor

The screw compactor meets the need of having a reduced volumetric bulk of screened material


From load hopper, the screened material falls into a bale chamber,here, by a screw feeder, the material undergoes a process of dewatering and compaction. The compressed material is then conveyed, under pressure, in a conveying pipe to a suitable container. The drained water is collected and sent to a eventual treatment. Using of this machine has many advantages, both economic (reduction of the costs of transport and disposal), and functional (better characteristics of trasport than traditional conveyng belt ; reduction of odors thanks to installation closed and absolute hygiene thanks to the possibility to use, at the exit of the conveying pipe a polyethylene gut for the continuous bagging of the compressed material).


– CHAMBER OF PRESSING which presents oblong holes drilled on the bottom for water drainage and a constriction cone in the final part to facilitate the pressing of the material ;
– SCREW COMPACTOR clockwise circular motion that pushes the material towards the narrowing cone placed at the end of the bale chamber.
– GEARMOTOR for the rotation of the screw, 4-pole three-phase 220/380 V 50 Hz Protection IP55;
– CONVEYING PIPE of the compacted material;
– COLLECTION TANK FOR water drained, placed under the compactor


Made all in Stainless Steel grade 304