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Alpha Monoblock

Alpha Monoblock

ALPHA series. The monoblock is a compact plant used by small and medium-sized production companies such as car-washes, garages, laundries, etc. There are two versions, the fully automatic KL series and the semi-automatic VL series; both promise high quality purification and are extremely economical to run.


The purification process is carried out entirely in the monoblock.
Before reaching the ALPHA purification unit, the waste water passes through the sections of the scum box, where any sand and suspended oils are removed. An automatic lifting station then supplies the waste water to the monoblock, while a flow switch checks and guarantees the correct load to be sent to the purification module. Chemical reagents are then added to the waste water to eliminate the polluting substances. The water flows first through a quick static mixer and then a slow mixing section for clari-flocculation.
The water-sludge mixture that is formed reaches a hydro-dynamic filtration “fluid bed” where flocculation and sludge sedimentation occurs. The water, now cleansed of the unwanted substances, passes through a lamellar tube bundle for final refinement. In general, the water that leaves the clari-flocculator meets the legal requirements. Nonetheless, the plants feature another two sections for further improving the quality of the waste water: a sand-anthracite filter bed to eliminate any suspended solid substances and an active carbon “fluid bed” to remove any traces of solvents, metals, surfactants, etc.
This plant also involves the treatment of sludge which, when settled in the clari-flocculator, is periodically removed and sent to the bag filter unit to eliminate the water content. The filtered water is re-circulated in pipes above the plant.


The plants are made of thick carbon steel with an epoxy coating to protect them against chemical and atmospheric agents.