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Screw Sand Remover

Screw Sand Remover

The ESC model is usually installed downstream of sand traps so the sand extracted in the latter can then be separatedfrom the water.


The water enters the decantation hopper where the solid particles separate and sink to the bottom. The accumulated sand is extracted by a screw which is tilted at an angle and turns very slowly to avoid disturbing sedimentation and to permit unloading of the material without liquid. The clarified water flows out at the top of the decantation hopper. The sand can be cleaned in the unloading area with jets of water.


– STURDY SEDIMENTATION HOPPER made of stainless steel, designed to be installed in different positions;
– CHANNEL made of press-formed sheet metal reinforced with ribs. It has covers and, at the front, a discharge hopper;
– SCREW made of thick, high quality FE 510 carbon steel;
– WORM GEARED MOTOR directly connected to the screw;
– SUPPORTING COLUMNS mounted at a reasonable distance from the unloading area to leave space for containers or conveyor belts.


– AISI 304 stainless steel
– Alsoavailable on request:
– SEDIMENTATION hopper, channel and carbon steel guards that are pre-treated and given an epoxy paint coating as standard;
– SCREW made of high strength hot-galvanized FE 510 carbon steel;