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Oil Skimmer-Deoiler Pipe

Oil Skimmer-Deoiler Pipe

DST series. The skimmer/deoiler is used for purification plants that treat effluent from different networks.
It removes oil, grease and scum on the surface of effluent.


Suspended effluent enters the deoiler pipe when this is turning and is taken away in the discharge pipe. A set of large bubble diffusers at the bottom of the tank ensure the scum and oil accumulate between the baffle and the deoiler pipe.
The deoiler pipe can be operated manually at the lever and/or automatically using the actuator.


– FRAMES madeof steel;
– DEOILER PIPE made of blown stainless steel;
– ROTATING UNIT with flanges and bushings made of teflon;
– MOVEMENT with a manual lever;
– BAFFLE made of blown press-formed sheet metal.


All the components are made of AISI 304 steel.