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Combined Pretreatment Unit

Combined Pretreatment Unit


The entrance of the liquid to be treated can take place via gravity or by a pressurized pipeline according to the needs. Suspended solids contained in the incoming sewage and deposited on the holes of the screw screen , causing the raising of the level which has the effect to activates the sensor that make start the screen. Through the screening, the suspended solids are screened so they can be washed (optional) to reduce the content of organic matter, after which they flow into the portion conveyor-compactor, on request, along this stretch can be made a further wash the grille. The liquid from the screw screen flows in the hopper of sedimentation, there occurs the separation of the sands. In the sedimentation tank through the air diffusers, air is blown so as to facilitate and maximize the sedimentation of the sand. The release of air in the diffusers is synchronized with the entry of the liquid? The sand deposited along the tank is conducted into the hopper of accumulation, from there a screw extractor carries , dehydrates and subsequently discharge it through the chute place to end of the extractor. The water level in the settling tank is predetermined to optimize the separation of the sands. On request it is possible to provide an electrical panel that manages the functionality of the machine is with timer with both level sensors.


– Shaftless spiral: no blocking and clogging even in the presence of fibrous products;
– No mechanical parts in contact with product;
– Reduced speed of rotation Reduction of up to 40% and more, depending on the product of the gratings low investment;
– No civil work required;
– Low installation costs;
– Low maintenance costs;
– Low space requirements;
– Low- volume products to be disposed of;
– No feed pump required


– Built entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 or request in AISI 316;SCREW AISI 304laps lenses;
– DRAINING ROOMS AND COMPACTION, wrapped in a grid with a semi-cylindrical drilling in the end of stainless steel sheet for the draining of the liquid part;
– WASHING SYSTEMS through nozzles for the cleaning of the holes of the draining zone and of the inlet and accumulation tanks;
– DRIVEby motors through direct coupling;
– DISCHARGE of compacted material with continous bagging ;
– TANK STORAGE: in AISI304 or on request in AISI 316 stainless steel, on request with centrifugal pump to transfer the sewage tank pretreatment;