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Coanda Effect Plant-Screw Sand Remover

Coanda Effect Plant-Screw Sand Remover

The sand remover plant, ESCC series, with “Coanda” effect exploits the principle of the vortex created by effluent in a conical hopper. This principle, combined with the use of technical water and/or pressurized air, permits more efficient separation of sand and organic substances in the effluent.


The water enters the vortex hopper which turns, causing the solid particles to separate and sink to the bottom. Air is blown through a solenoid valve (on request) to improve the efficiency of the separation process. The accumulated sand is extracted by a screw and dehydrated. The clarified effluent flows through the outlet pipe at the top of the hopper. The sand can be cleaned in the unloading area with jets of water. The sand is fed through the spiral and discharged through a hole.


– STURDY CONICAL SEDIMENTATION HOPPER made of stainless steel, designed to be installed in different positions;
– CHANNEL made of press-formed sheet metal reinforced with ribs. It has covers and, at the front, a discharge hopper;
– SCREW made of stainless steel, or normal steel on request;
– WORM GEARED MOTOR directly connected to the screw;
– AGITATOR coupled with the hopper (on request);


AISI 304 stainless steel;
Also available on request:
HOPPER made of AISI 316 steel;
SCREW in AISI 304 stainless steel and thick high strength carbon steel;