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Oil hydraulic compactor

Oil hydraulic compactor

The oil hydraulic compactor CO series reduces the volume of the screened material with a pressure up to 200 bar.


The screened material passes from the inlet hopper down to a pressing chamber. In this chamber, a friction cylinder removes the water content and compacts the material at a speed configured on the oil hydraulic control unit. The compacted material is then fed through a pressurized pipe to a container. The water removed from the material is collected and can then be treated. This machine offers many benefits, both financial (lower transport and disposal costs) and functional (moves better than traditional belts; no bad smells thanks to the sealed installation, and absolute hygiene because a polyethylene case can be fitted at the end of the outlet pipe for bagging all the compacted material).


– PRESSING CHAMBER with oblong holes in the base for draining away the water and a conical spout in the last section for pressing the screened material. Inside are guidesfor the frictioncylinder;
– OIL HYDRAULIC PISTON that moves to and fro to push the material towards the conical spout in the last section of the pressing chamber. It is powered by an oil hydraulic control unit with SAE100 high pressure hoses;
– OIL HYDRAULIC CONTROL UNIT with 90 micron suction filter, gear pump, a valve for automatic reversal of movement, and a manometer for calibrating piston pressure according to the type and quantity of material used;
– 4-pole 220/380 V three-phase 50 Hz ELECTRIC MOTOR for powering the gear pump, with IP55 protection;
– PIPE for conveying the compacted material;
– TANK for the drained water, situated under the compactor.


Entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel